Autofull: official chair of China’s 2020 League of Legends Pro League

Autofull: official chair of China’s 2020 League of Legends Pro League - AutoFull Official

China's top League of Legends Pro League, run by TJ Sports, announced that Autofull gaming chairs replaces DXRacer for the 2020 season. Autofull joins Mercedes, Nike, KFC and several other big names representing the 2020 season.

Autofull gaming chairs on Chinese TV
Autofull chairs are a common sight on Chinese esports broadcasts. 

TJ Sports is the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) organizer. That operation is a China-based joint venture between Tencent and Riot Games.

Autfull gaming chairs in China
Autofull chairs on the scene in Chinese esports.

The LPL serves as the Chinese feeder league for the League of Legends World Championships. Last year, they ran tournaments across China that sent 5 teams to the finals.

LPL event summer 2018 in China
An LPL summer playoffs event in 2018. (Image: Autofull)

The LPL 2019 regional finals did decent numbers: 128,740 peak viewers and 52,559 average viewers.

New sponsors for 2020

For the 2020 LPL season, Mercedes, Nike, Harbin Brewery, KFC and Intel return as sponsors. Not returning are Alienware, Doritos, L’Oréal and DXRacer.

Replacing DXRacer is Autofull. Autofull is a Chinese gaming chair company with a rich history in Chinese esports. Since 2016, they’ve partnered with many top tournaments in China.

Autofull gaming chairs
Autofull makes affordable esports chairs that are popular in China.

For example, they were the official chairs of the World Cyber Arena 2016 finals. Over 200 million people watched that event, most of them from China.

Autofull’s product Ambassador is Uzi (Jian Zi-Hao). He’s a famous League of Legends player and captain of Team RNG.

Uzi, team RNG, Autofull
Uzi is Team RNG’s captain and Autofull’s Ambassador in China.

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