AutoFull Warrior Gaming Chair Review: Best For Entry-Level PROs

AutoFull Warrior Gaming Chair Review: Best For Entry-Level PROs - AutoFull Official

When hunting down the best entry-level PRO chairs, the AutoFull gaming chair (the Warrior Series one) is the No. 1 choice.

Here at Gaming Chairs Hunter we usually cover chairs for your average gamers. This AutoFull gaming chair review is, however, meant for professional gamers (or guys aspiring to be one).

AutoFull is, among other things, the official sponsor of professional probe leagues such as:

  • LDL
  • WCA
  • MDI

In short: many professional gamers are using this entry-level PRO chair to boost their performance.

The AutoFull Warrior chair is performance-driven and designed for the next level gaming. It’s specifically recommended for FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield where every millisecond of your response time can lead to a kill. 

In the review of the Warrior series AF047 AutoFull gaming chair, we’ll go into what makes AutoFull the best choice for all the guys who’re already really good at gaming and want to turn pro.

Or for the amateur gamers who would like to step up their game and experience how a professional seat can give you an edge in FPS gaming.

Being an entry-level PRO chair, you won’t have to worry to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a performance-driven gaming chair. The AutoFull Warrior series model AF047 is the most affordable professional gaming chair:

Why Do PROs Choose The AutoFull Gaming Chair (Comparison With Standard Chairs)

The goal of every professional gamer is to be the best player in the world. Every little thing that can help a gamer along that path is vital; and gaming chair can be as important as a good RAM or graphics card, especially in the long run.

If you look at the design of AutoFull gaming chairs and compare it with standard chairs for gaming, you’ll notice that AutoFill has a ‘go-get-em’ look. With its wide backside, adjustable armrests and forward-leaning design it’s a perfect chair to attack from.

Most of the standard chairs are designed to be comfortable. You’ll see a lot of padding on the seat, backrest and big cushy pillows at the lumbar area. By comparison, AutoFull gaming chair has a slimmed down version of comfortability features because it is made with one thing in mind: boosting performance.

The AutoFull armrests are there to perfectly guide your hand for headshots, breathable mesh backrest will cool you down when playing hours on end and the sturdiness of the chair will survive every rage quit you might have when some camper kills you from ambush.

It also differs in materials the AutoFull is made out of. Pretty much every part of the chair, from safety tilt mechanism to seat sponge and seat height adjustment mechanism certified by SGS 4, the AutoFull is built with superior materials that both enhance your gaming ability as well as making the chair sturdy enough for professional gaming and durable.

They even have an AutoFull Twitter account where they proudly present all the features and the sponsorships with the world’s best gamers.

Let’s assess some of the best AutoFull chair components:

Recirculating Breathable Mesh Back For Prolonged Gaming

The breathable mesh doesn’t have an immediate effect on gaming performance. However, when you’re gaming for more than 2 hours and you can still be fresh as when you began, you can start to see the value of the breathable mesh. The fatigue factor will set in later than with other non-breathable PU leather chairs.

The AutoFill Warrior chair’s back has a breathable mesh that enables the airflow through the chair to your back. The design of the soft mesh allows for the sweaty air to be filtered out.

breathable autofull gaming chair with mesh backrest
The breathable mesh backrest allows for the airflow to carry away the sweat that might otherwise be sticky.

If you ever had a leather chair as sat on it without your shirt, you’ll kind of stick to the leather, be it genuine leather or PU leather. That’s because it’s not breathing properly.

The AutoFull mesh makes for a less sweaty and prolong gaming experience. And the chair itself won’t have a sweaty smell even if you go for a summer gaming all-nighter with broken-down air conditioner.

The broad back design, on the other hand, hugs your body completely and you don’t have to worry about having no girlfriend as much.

Bonus feature: the AutoFull eyes holes on the left and right side of the back. These openings provide additional unfiltered airflow through the gaming chair and cool your upper body as well as provide an extra escape route for the sweat stench that might otherwise accumulate over the long-hour sessions.

Adjustable Features To Custom Fit The AutoFill Chair

No gaming chair comes custom designed for your body type right out of the box. You have to adjust it for yourself and having a chair like AutoFull which have a broad specter of adjustable parts facilitates that beautifully.

Swivel: Nothing new here, you have a 360-degree swivel so that you can move around. That’s a standard option not unique to AutoFull chair but it does come handy especially if you’re using multiple monitors.

Recliner: AutoFull featurs 4 different reclining setting, going from a normal 90-degree angle to 170-degree angle. The one you’re most likely to use the most of the 90-degree angle but if you want to take a read, rest or nap there are 120-degree, 155-degree and 170-degree reclining angles available as well.

Adjustable Seat Height: Having a custom seat height is important because we’re not all of the same height. The AutoFull Warrior chair is a standard-sized chair that fits both guys who are 5’8” and the taller ones who are 6’3”. A smaller person can set a seat height to 16.93 inches while a tall guy can put it up as far as 19.69” from the ground.

2D Armrests: When you adjust the seat, you should also adjust the armrest. The 2D AutoFill armrests have 7 different height settings; you can go down as low as 11.02” and up to 13.39”.

The part you can’t adjust is the size of the backrest and the seat size. The seat size is standard 18.90-inches wide and 20.09-inches deep and it will seat both 120 pounds guys as well as 300-pound guys quite comfortably.

The backrest is very broad (20.87”) and has that hugging effect some gamers enjoy. The backrest is 32.68 inches high and you can make that backrest as snug as possible by adjusting seat height.

Superior Materials AutoFull PRO Chair Is Made Out Of

When looking at the design of the AutoFull chair for gaming most of us first notices the unique backrest. It’s the spider-like design that gives the chair a futuristic look.

However, when you look closely and compare AutoFull chair to non-professional gaming chairs, you notice that the AutoFull chair is assembled together using high-tech materials such as:

  • Whole-in-one head backrest. The backrest is one big piece; that makes the AutoFull sturdy but a bit tricky to assemble.
  • 100% breathable PE fiber. That just adjust to the air circulation this chair is well known for.
  • Thick high-density sponge as a seat.
  • SGS 4 certified height adjustment pump. They didn’t have to use the SGS 4 but they did because the AutoFull is not just another chair for n00bs, it’s a PRO gaming chair.


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