AutoFull M6
Gaming Chair

AutoFull M6

6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests

6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests

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AutoFull A4

Electric Standing Gaming Desk

Sit and Stand Switch at Will.

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AutoFull Graffiti

Gaming Chair

Exquisite Embroidery

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AutoFull C3

Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow and Headrest

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AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair Black
AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair Graffiti
AutoFull M6 Mechanical Master Gaming Chair 6D Armrest
AutoFull Electric Standing Computer Gaming Desk-Black

AutoFull C3 Series

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AutoFull Interational Standard Laboratory

Seat Cushion Rebound Test:
Swiftly restoring the seat's shape after pressure for uninterrupted comfort.

Armrest Stability Test:
Validates the robust stability of our armrests, ensuring they stay firm and wobble-free, enhancing your gaming experience.

Backrest Recline Test:
Highlights the seamless and secure backrest recline mechanism.

AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair


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AutoFull Graffiti Gaming Chair


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AutoFull Electric Standing Gaming Desk


ONLY $239.99

AutoFull Gaming Ghair For Pro Teams!

Gordon Hayward Recommend!

Cooperation time: 2019~2020


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Reviews from our customers

At AutoFull, design stands on the same scale as function and ergonomics. That’s why our chairs feel and look incredible for years and years.
It's an ok chair, and a good one for the price. The only complaint I have is that it is surprisingly squeaky. The pleather squeaks and creaks if you even slightly shift position. The springs and joints of the chair squeak a lot when you sit, get up, or significantly shift around in the chair.
D. Duncan
May 26, 2023
Gamer husband loves it!
Got this chair as a gift for my gamer husband he’s had it for 2 years now still as perfect as the day we assembled it! He loves that he can recline back on it and also put the handles up or down.
May 30, 2023
Plus size gamer? This is your chair!
I'm in love with this chair! Being over 300lbs / size 22 I was super cautious of buying a chair online. Will I sit in it comfortably? Is it wide enough? Is it sturdy? & after owning this chair for about 4 months I can scream "YES!!". I wanted something that would be all of that above, yet also stylish and not just plain black. It was easy to set up and came SUPER quick. If you are thinking about getting this chair, do it! I couldn't suggest it more!
Jun 9, 2023