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Want to Become a Popular Anchor, Professional Esports Chair Color to Buy Right

by QinHina 21 Nov 2022

When many esports enthusiasts buy a pro gaming seat, they not only look at its performance design, but also think the color and style are very important, especially the anchors who often have to show the gaming seat in front of the fans and audiences, if the color is not chosen the right one, then it will affect the whole live broadcast atmosphere, so what kind of pro gaming seats should popular high-profile anchors choose?


1. The color selection of pro gaming seats


Generally speaking, for the color selection of pro gaming seats, the popular decorative tone is harmony, naturalness and beauty, it should not only highlight the personalization but also look elegant. Red, yellow, and orange are warm colors, which can bring people a feeling of excitement; Cyan, gray, and green are cool colors, which can bring people a quiet and elegant feeling; Black and white are pole colors, which are almost applied in the local to achieve the effect of embellishment.


However, there are differences in the color selections between male and female anchors. Generally speaking, if it is for female anchors, the color selection of pro gaming seats would be more lovely and fresh. For example, it is common to choose a gaming seat with light colors such as pink, blue, and purple, but there are also some female anchors prefer to choose the one with fashionable colors that can reflect personalization, such as dark red and cyan.


If it is for male anchors, the color of the pro gaming seats would mostly be calm. The most common colors are black, brown and gray, but there are also some lively male anchors prefer to choose bright red, orange and so on to make people feel eye-catching.


In addition, in order to make pro gaming seats easier to clean, some people also choose black ones, which are more resistant to dirty. But in general, what color of the comfy gaming chairs should be chosen to make it look good is actually related to many factors, and different colors will bring different feelings to players, so it needs to be combined with the anchor's room design, preferences and the atmosphere.


2. The function selection of pro gaming seats


Usually, the functions of pro gaming seats can be roughly divided into three functions: leisure function, ergonomic design and massage function


Leisure function


Abbreviated as "Shake", if the degree exceeds 20°, we can feel the obvious shaking and relaxed, the greater the degree is, the stronger the comfort would be.


Ergonomic design


To maintain a fixed posture for a long time, the most important thing is to be comfortable and healthy. Therefore, ergonomics is essential, which can fit the S-curve spine of the human body, support the waist and back, and is not easy to produce soreness.


Massage function


It sounds an extremely attractive function, massaging after getting tired from playing games, and feel refreshed. But in fact, this is an extremely tasteless function, especially the massage function of the low-priced gaming seat, which only has little effect.


The true thing can be seen in the details of everything. The lack of details does not mean that the product is not up to the standard, but excellent products must never allow mistakes in details. The details of the pro gaming seat can be reflected in the workmanship, headrest, lumbar support and appearance.


Whether the stitching is fair without burrs, whether there is excess fabric stitching, and whether the pattern is clear, although these are small details that do not affect the using experience, the true thing can be seen in the details, and these can verify the quality of the pro gaming seat from the side.

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