Novice Buy Lift Game Seat to Pay Attention to the Explosion-proof Details

Novice Buy Lift Game Seat to Pay Attention to the Explosion-proof Details - AutoFull Official

Ⅰ. Buying a gaming seat


I believe that friends who often pay attention to current events have heard about the explosion of lifting chairs such as gaming seats, computer chairs, office chairs, etc., so many players are worried about this while purchasing game seats, so how can we avoid this situation when buying and using the gaming seat?


Now the quality inspection of lifting chairs would be stricter than that of ordinary chairs, and many people have a certain safety awareness while purchasing and using a lifting chair, so the safety problems of lifting chairs are greatly reduced. However, although it's said that such incidents are less now, it not means that it would not happen, so what issues must be paid attention to when friends are purchasing a lifting chair?


Ⅱ. The attention points of the gaming seat


1. See the air pressure rod: As the load-bearing place of the whole chair, if the quality of the air pressure rod don't pass the standard, it basically means that there is no guarantee of safety. The most reported cases are that most of the injuries are caused by the explosion of the gaming seat air pressure rod, either the quality of the air pressure rod is not good, or the load-bearing is not good, etc. The production standards of air pressure rods are extremely strict, when purchasing a gaming seat, we should pay attention to check whether the store displays the quality standards of the air pressure rod, and see whether the air pressure rod is certified by SGS or BIFMA, generally, if the certification level is 2 to 4, the air pressure rod is relatively safe, and it would be better if it is a barometric rod with level 4 certified. In addition, if you want to see whether the air pressure rod is safe, you can also sit on it and test it directly, raise the chair to the highest height, and then slowly loose the air pressure rod. If the chair drops directly to the bottom, it means that the quality of the air pressure rod is not up to standard, if it drops point by point, then it means the air pressure rod is of good quality.


2. See the chassis: The racing gaming chair can also choose an explosion-proof chassis with a thicker bottom, which is the second guarantee of the chair. Moreover, the design of the base interface must be reasonable, and the incision must be fine, because it forms friction with the air pressure rod. If it is too rough, the interface might be damaged. If a person suddenly sits down or suddenly stands up, an additional external force will be formed, which will cause the tip of the conical air rod burst instantly, and the gas inside the tube will erupt instantaneously, and forming a huge upward momentum and causing an explosion.


To sum up, the current situation of the gaming seat explosion is less common now, but it's not to say that the safety risk has been completely eliminated, so players still need to pay more attention to its safety when purchasing a gaming seat, especially for newbies, shouldn't just focus on its appearance and ignore the details.

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