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Redefine the Esports Chair

by QinHina 12 Jul 2022

With the vigorous development of e-sports, the development of a series of peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets, esports chairs, etc. can be said to be booming. As a part of the gaming experience, esports chairs can be said to be a very important member.


1. The esports chair uses spring structure, shock absorption principle, and has high durability


Many people have encountered a problem when using esports chairs - some esports chairs have a short lifespan, and may "end of life" after two or three years of purchase. And after using it for a long time, the seat cushion will collapse due to sitting for a long time, and it will lose the original comfort that is very full when you sit down.


AutoFull esports chair like AutoFull gaming chair black and pink introduces the overall design of the car shock absorber principle. While continuing the support of the steel frame, it uses the spring as a medium to achieve the coexistence of "rigidity and softness" between the mesh and the steel frame, giving full play to the shock absorption function brought by the spring. It avoids the problem of long-term collapse of ordinary mesh chairs, and better prolongs the service life of the seat. And in order to make the steel frame of the product more durable, this esports chair has also carried out a number of innovative designs for the steel frame structure, and applied for international patents.


2. The esports chair mesh is breathable and more comfortable to use


And as we said at the beginning, the esports chair meets our needs and psychology to a certain extent, but the traditional leather esports chair still has shortcomings. That is, the summer is too hot to have a comfortable gaming experience. Therefore, AutoFull esports chair is made of high-quality high-pressure mesh fabric made of polyester elastomer, and this material has the excellent elasticity of rubber and excellent resistance to bending fatigue, which also enhances its durability.


With the breathable mesh design, it removes the heat and sweat caused by the long-term sitting caused by the traditional esports chair, and can keep you dry and comfortable at all times. The esports chair like a light blue gaming chair does not have the distraction of excess heat, allowing players to focus more. And I have to say, especially when players are in competitive games, when the score is behind, the more external factors interfere, the more their mentality will collapse.


3. Modular combination of esports chair, more functions, enjoy life


I don't know why people choose esports chairs in the first place, but compared to the monotony of ordinary chairs, the versatility of esports chairs will give me a good experience. Because the esports chair can not only be used to sit and play games, but even when we are tired from playing, we can directly adjust the sitting position to a lying position, allowing us to take a nap or chat with others to relieve game fatigue.

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