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Learn More About the Esports Chair - AutoFull Official

I believe that many of my friends have had the experience of playing games for one day in a row. If you play games for such a long time, if your posture is slightly wrong, you will feel backache, neck soreness, and cervical spine will become very stiff. But if you use an esports chair, you can alleviate this phenomenon very well. However, there are various esports chairs on the market now, and many people do not know how to choose.


Ⅰ. Filling of esports chair


A good esports chair, even if it is invisible to the naked eye, is in pursuit of perfection, such as the sponge filling under the PU bag. Generally, the low-end esports chairs use recycled inferior sponges, which have a very poor experience in comfort and resilience, and have a very low service life. Because when you buy it, you can't see the place where it is wrapped, so the only way to distinguish it is to feel it by touching and sitting. Because the original sponge is a whole piece, it is very soft, but the resilience is very good. After standing up, the sponge quickly returns to its original shape. The recycled sponge is very poor quality, not only is not high in comfort, but also has extremely poor resilience. AutoFull light blue gaming chair uses native sponge.


In addition, in terms of production process, the filled sponge is also divided into integral molding and splicing, because the cost of integral molding sponge is relatively high, generally esports chairs are used less, and only a few brands will use them. For some esports chairs, in order to give customers the best experience, they spend a lot of money to open molds. All products are made of one-piece high-density sponge with a density of up to 50KG/m³. It is better than other brands in terms of density and resilience, and it is more durable.


Ⅱ. The support of esports chair


The bones of humans and most animals support the foundation of their free movement. If there are problems such as bone necrosis, it is bound to restrict people everywhere. A good esports chair, its skeleton is as important as human bones. Good brands generally use an integrated steel frame, which can fully improve the service life and load-bearing capacity of the chair. At the same time, the structure will be protected by piano paint to prevent rust from affecting the life. Under the heavy protection, bearing capacity of esports chair is more than 1000KG. The inferior esports chairs often use engineered wooden boards as supports. As we all know, engineered wood boards are secondary synthesis, which not only has poor bearing capacity, but also contains substances that are harmful to the body. So when you choose, you must keep your eyes open.

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