How to Disassemble Esports Chair Base Hand by Hand

How to Disassemble Esports Chair Base Hand by Hand - AutoFull Official

Ⅰ. The emergence of the esports chair


In recent years, esports has become a new trend of the new generation, and esports chairs have gradually entered people's attention with esports. Many people will consider buying an esports chair, and having a cool gaming chair has become the goal of many people. The design of the gaming chair is ergonomic, which is convenient for users to operate and experience. Since some games require users to be highly invested in energy and stay in a sitting position for a long time, the gaming chair can ensure the user's comfort.


A lot of friends who like to play games and work at home will buy an esports chair or a computer chair at home. After a long time using, there might be some small problems, or some friends are moving, then the gaming chair like a white and blue gaming chair needs to be disassembled for disposal. Do you know how to disassemble the base of the gaming chair?


Ⅱ. The removal of the gaming chair base


The steps of removing the gaming chair base are as follows:

  1. Prepare tools: Screwdrivers, plastic hammers, adjustable wrenches, rags and some lubricating fluid;

  2. Turn the esports chair upside down, remove the base of the chair first, you may not pull it out by pulling it directly, at this time, you need to use a hammer tool, and it's better to use a rubber hammer. The metal hammer may easily knock the paint off and leave small holes. Take a hammer and tap it hardly around the bottom steel ring for a circle, and then break it apart, if it doesn't work, knock it and break it apart again, and then you can remove the base, and the rest is the hydraulic ejector rod and the upper seat.

  3. Hammer is also used. Before knocking, remove the upper seat with a screwdriver to facilitate the following knocking and breaking, it's the same way, hit the metal site hardly with a hammer, hold the hydraulic ejector in one hand, and step on to it with your foot.


The above is the steps to disassemble the base of the gaming chair. Those who don't know how to disassemble it can follow the above methods. However, in order to disassemble the gaming chair like a cute gaming chair blue, in addition to knowing the method, you also need to pay attention to some matters:

  1. Pay special attention to that if there is no rubber hammers and must use other hard objects to instead of, it is best to place a book on the knocking position to avoid damaging the parts that don't need to be replaced, or strike with a hammer wrapped in a rag.

  2. If it really can't be removed, you can take a compulsory method and hit it hardly until it falls off.

  3. You need to use brute force to remove the chair. The longer you sit, the tighter the accessories will be, and the more strength you will need, so you need to be careful in this process. At the same time, if it's difficult to disassemble it, you can also apply some oil or lubricating fluid before knocking.

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