Do Esports Chairs Need to Be Dismantled Before They Can Be Sent?

Do Esports Chairs Need to Be Dismantled Before They Can Be Sent? - AutoFull Official

Ⅰ. Get to know the esports chair


Chairs are good friends in our life, life is changing, of course, chairs also should not remain the same. The gaming chair is ergonomically designed and is specially designed for sedentary people. It can relieve the pressure on the lumbar and spine, and can make you enjoy a comfortable sitting feeling as soon as you sit down without getting tired after a long time sitting. The function of the gaming chair is very powerful. It's no longer limited to a gaming seat, it's light and flexible in shape, and it's also suitable for home or office environment. At present, it has been widely popularized in people's work and study, production places.


Ⅱ. How to send the esports chair?


While buying something, there will inevitably encounter something we don't like, so return of goods are very common, the same as buying a gaming chair, but many people are worried about the return of the gaming chair, because it is so big, they don't know how to send it. Does it have to be dismantled before sending? Generally, most gaming chairs like white and blue gaming chairs are relatively large and heavy, so if we want to send them, we need to disassemble them first, because they are bulky, if we don't disassemble them, it is not easy to load them, and it is also easy to be damaged by collision, so it is generally recommended sending them in the form of logistics after dismantling, and the price will be much cheaper.


However, it should be noted that when dismantling the gaming chair, you must be careful so as not to damage the gaming chair. The steps of disassembly are as follows:

1. Prepare some tools, such as small plastic hammers, screwdrivers, small hammers, adjustable wrenches, and some lubricating fluid.
2. Turn the esports chair upside down, remove the base of the chair first, and pull it out, at this time, you need to use the lubricating fluid because it may not be pulled out directly. But it should be noted that the hammer is best to use the rubber hammer, because the metal hammer may easily knock the paint off and leave small holes. Take a hammer and tap it hard around the bottom steel ring for a circle, and then break it apart, if it doesn't work, knock it and break it again, and then it is ok.

3. Use a wrench to remove the fixing screws of the bottom support frame, and the esports chair is basically divided into three parts.

4. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws of the seat section, and then it can be disassembled.


To sum up, the gaming chair usually needs to be disassembled for express delivery, because its volume is too large and its height is too high. If it's not disassembled, it might be damaged due to collision, and it's also difficult to pack it, there is no such a big carton, so it's usually disassembled before delivery and packed in a special carton, and finally delivered by express.

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