How to Adjust the Height of the Game Seat Correctly?

How to Adjust the Height of the Game Seat Correctly? - AutoFull Official

The height adjustment of the gaming seat actually includes two aspects, on the one hand, it refers to the method of adjusting the seat lifting, on the other hand, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate seat height, if the former is not properly adjusted, it may likely to cause damage to the seat, and directly affect the comfort of the player, so what is the correct way to adjust it?


1. The correct method of adjusting the gaming seat lift


First of all, it's the correct method to adjust the seat lift, for different manufacturers, different styles of the gaming seats, the adjustment methods are slightly different, it is largely identical but with minor differences, we can take the Andaseat esports chair as an example: When we adjust the height of the chair, we can usually see that there might be one or two handles under the seat of the chair. While there is one handle under the seat of the chair, we only need to lift the handle up when adjusting the chair height, and the high-pressure gas inside the air rod will rebound after compression, and the seat will rise naturally.


If you want to lower it, then sit on the chair while we lift the handle up, the rebound of the high pressure inside the air rod is resisted, and the body of the chair will be lowered, but there is a key point, people need to stand up, because it has to be lowered without gravity generally, so never sit down to adjust it.


2. Adjust the appropriate gaming seat height


Secondly, it's adjusting the appropriate racing game chair height, generally, it is necessary to adjust the height according to the human height. For the suitable height, it can be referred to the corresponding tables and chairs altimeter. Adjust the chair to a suitable height according to the human height and the comparison table first, then sit on the chair in a normal sitting position, with your hip on the top of the chair and your legs flat on the ground at the same time, see whether the seat plane and the lower legs of human body keep vertical, if they are vertical, then the height of the chair is the most suitable.


The above is the correct ways to adjust the gaming seat height, in general, when we are using a gaming seat, not only the method of seat height lifting should be used correctly, but also the appropriate seat height should be adjusted according to our own heights, because for players who often sit for a long time, if the seat height is not correct, it will not only influence the game experience, but also affect human health after a long time using. For example, when the height is too low, we have to bend over and look down at the computer to play games, so it will naturally have bad influence on the lumbar and cervical spine for a long time. And if the height adjustment is too high, it may cause decreased vision or fatigue of neck and shoulders, therefore, players must correctly adjust the height of the gaming seat when sitting on it.

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