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How Did Game Seat Desquamate Do?

by Hina Qin 08 Dec 2022

A lot of leather chairs will have the phenomenon of desquamation, game seats are the same. There are many reasons for this, such as poor quality of the leather itself, the improper maintenance, etc. While the chair desquamates, many friends don't know how to deal with it. They think that it's a pity to throw it away, but if they continue to use it, it will affect the appearance and sitting feeling, so are there any ways to deal with it? Can it be replaced with a new leather surface?


Actually, the gaming seat desquamation is quite common. Like some unscrupulous manufacturers choose inferior leathers, or users often expose them to the sun and scrub them with chemicals during using would cause them to desquamate. And how to deal with the general gaming chair desquamating, you can take measures according to the specific desquamating situation of the chair.


1. The game seat is partially desquamated


If the leather chair is partially desquamated, and the situation is not very serious, you can buy a paint pen with a similar color to the chair itself, and paint it on the desquamated area directly and evenly, which is economical and easy to operate. In addition, it can also be glued with specific glue. If the desquamating area range of the gaming seat is not very large, only some places that are not very obvious, you can use a specific glue to stick them. However, this requires a certain manual skill, if they are not glued well, the seat will be lumpy, looks unsightly, and we will feel uncomfortable whiling sitting on it.


2. The gaming seat is badly desquamated


But if the leather chair has a large desquamating range and the situation is serious, it's not suitable to use a paint pen, the color difference and texture will be very different. Therefore, in this case, you can choose to cover the desquamated chair with a layer of cloth, friends who are better at handicraft can also add some small ornaments to decorate it and make the chair look more beautiful. In addition, you can also replace the leather with a new one, when replacing, remove the leather from the surface of the g racing gaming chair​ first. Be very careful at this step to prevent the metal frame of the chair from scratching other areas. After the leather surface is removed, the next step is to remove the original fabric. This should be done with great care and with professional tools to remove it, otherwise the original structure would be damaged if you are not careful, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the replacement of the leather seat.


The above is the treatment methods listed of the different desquamating situations of the gaming seat, in general, If the desquamation of the chair is not serious, you can use a pen to paint on the desquamating position. If the desquamating is serious, it is suggested replace a new leather surface directly, but the leather surface of some chairs would be expensive to repurchase, so in this case, it is better to replace a new chair directly. However, in fact, as a large brand of gaming seat manufacturers like us generally have a warranty period. During this period, customers can replace a new leather surface for free, so buying this kind of chair can avoid a lot of worries when purchasing.

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