What Should I Do if My Esports Chair is Scratched by a Cat?

What Should I Do if My Esports Chair is Scratched by a Cat? - AutoFull Official

Nowadays, many young people living in small dwellings in big cities like to have one or two pets to increase the enjoyment of life. However, for excrement shovelers who have leather and fabric furniture in their house, having pets at home often brings them a headache problem, that is, the furniture will often be scratched by pets. A post said that the cotton of a shovel excrement officer's gaming chair costing more than 2,000 yuan was scratched by his pet cat, it would be very expensive to buy a new one, and he was worried that the cat would scratch it again, so he was wanted to know that if there is a way to prevent the cat from scratching, and if the furniture is scratched by the cat, are there any ways to repair it?


Ⅰ. Can the gaming chair be repaired after being scratched by a cat?


Generally speaking, if it's the surface of the esports chair scratched by a cat, then it can be repaired, the repair method is similar to the peeling repair method, it is also determined by the severity of the damage. For example, if it is slightly scratched, you can use a paint pen to cover it. If it is more serious, you can change the leather cover directly, and for specific operations, you can see the gaming seat peeling remedies. But if the sponge has been deducted, then it's more troublesome in this case, it needs to be filled with some other sponges, and then repair the epidermis.


Ⅱ. Prevent the esports chair from being scratched by cats


However, if a gaming chair like a pink and blue gaming chair is scratched by a cat, no matter what the degree is, it needs to take some time and effort to remedy it. Therefore, as a shovel excrement officer, if we don't want to damage the chair, it is necessary to prevent and stop cats in time when they are grinding and scratching their teeth. The specific methods are as follows:


1. Stick a double-sided adhesive: Cats don't like the sensation of stickiness, so they won't scratch anything that's sticky. Cats' paws (which area without hair) are extremely sensitive to these things. So we can stick a protective strip on the back of the leather chair.


2. Lay plastic film: We can lay a layer of plastic film on the surface of the gaming chair. Cats don't like being on plastic film because they don't like the smell and texture of plastic film. We can also try to hide the inflated balloons under the cover film of the esports chair, when the cat scratches on the gaming chair, the explosion of the balloon will scare the cat away, so that the cat won't come near these places for a long time.


3. Put a scratching board near the esports chair: We can place a scratching board near the gaming chair, or place it on a place where the new cat is likely to scratch. If we want to make the scratching board more tempting (attractive), we can rub some catnips or peppermint oil on it, so that cats' attention will be attracted and won't scratch the gaming chair.

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