The Importance of Professional Gaming Chairs for Esports Gaming Enthusiasts

The Importance of Professional Gaming Chairs for Esports Gaming Enthusiasts - AutoFull Official

E-sports has quickly become a popular entertainment method, and the popularity of the e-sports industry is not only due to professional e-sports practitioners, but also the vast number of amateurs. The e-sports industry is not all bubbles, but fundamentally meets the new needs of mass entertainment and drives the development of related surrounding industries. Under the real work pressure, it is often difficult for people to release their inner cry, but the world of e-sports is a world where one can release oneself. At the same time, e-sports is also very beneficial for improving one's mental flexibility. Therefore, many people are willing to walk into the e-sports hall outside of work to feel the excitement and pleasure.


1. The emergence of professional gaming chair


The furniture of the e-sports hall is roughly divided into two categories. One is the e-sports platform. This area is generally used for large-scale events or event training. This area should use a professional gaming chair that is clean, has a strong sense of lines, and is ergonomic. The other type is the general area, which provides professional gaming chairs for ordinary e-sports players to play games on the computer or watch live broadcasts. E-sports chair brands with soft lines, relatively high comfort, and satisfying gaming and leisure functions should be adopted. Different colors of gaming chairs, like light blue and white gaming chair, cute yellow gaming chair and pink racer gaming chair also attracted many people.


2. The importance of professional gaming chair


Safe use and rest assured: The complex and precise design of the professional gaming chair should pay more attention to the safety of the structure. It adopts the Wright SGS certified four-level air pressure rod and a thickened explosion-proof chassis, which has double safety guarantee. Among them, the four-level certified pneumatic rod is currently the highest level in the world, and all the professional gaming chairs of AutoFull use the four-level certified pneumatic rod, so the material of the pneumatic rod can be assured.


The load-bearing performance on the chassis is an important indicator. In the BIFMA test, the five-claw chassis of the professional gaming chair can bear about 1000KG under static pressure. Even if it is a fat man with a lot of weight, this chassis can still support it stably, and it is not easy to roll over.


Quiet dragging and worry-free: In order to facilitate transportation, most professional gaming chairs will be equipped with rollers at the bottom to facilitate dragging, but many chairs with rollers will scratch the floor surface and affect other people's lives when they are pushed. The rollers of the professional gaming chair are quiet, and the outer layer is equipped with a soft PU wrap that will not damage the floor surface.


Now, do you have a better understanding of the professional gaming chair? An e-sports chair can significantly improve your personality, gaming experience, ergonomics, and recliner switching. Are you ready to buy an e-sports chair to improve your combat effectiveness? Just take a look at AutoFull's gaming chair.

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