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What is the Usual Height of a Game Desk in a Professional Tournament?

by QinHina 05 Nov 2022

The size of the gaming desk is the same as that of the ordinary table, which is also divided into many types, like 75 cm and 80 cm are the most common height dimensions. Then do you know the height of gaming desks in professional tournaments? Which one is more appropriate?


1. The dimension of the gaming desk


There are many sizes of game tables, and different brands of them might also be different, but in general, they are mostly between 75 cm and 80 cm. While choosing, it should be purchased mainly according to the individual's height and body shape. For professional tournaments, the main competition team generally considers that the height of players might be relatively large different, so in order to make them can be used by most people, the height of most gaming desks are 75 cm.


2. Choosing the height of the gaming desk


However, first of all, as mentioned above, this size is not suitable for everyone's height and body shape, and most of the people who participate in professional e-sports competitions are boys, so if we buy it in daily life, we don't need to refer this size, just buy it according to the actual situation of individuals. The common human height and suitable gaming desks' heights are as follows:


If the player is 143 to 157 cm tall, it is better to choose the 64 cm high game table; If the player is 150 to 164 cm tall, the best choice of it is 67 cm high; If the player is 158 to 172 cm tall, then the best choice of the gaming desk height is 70 cm; If the player is 165 to 179 cm tall, the best choice is the 73 cm height gaming desk; If the player is 173 to 187 cm tall, the best choice of the game table height is 76 cm; If the height of the player is more than 180 cm, then the game table with 79 cm height is the best choice.


It can be seen that for e-sports players of different heights, the selection of game tables is different, but if it is the height of a professional game table, it is generally 75 cm. But in fact, the style of game tables are constantly being updated, for example, many professional game sponsors will provide gaming desks that can be raised and lowered, so that players can adjust the height according to their own height. However, for us to buy it for daily using, if you have a sufficient budget or are in the teenage stage of players, and do not want to change the game table frequently, it is recommended choosing the one can be raised and lowered.

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