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Sedentary White-collar Workers Must Know the Role of Game Chair Waist Support

by QinHina 03 Nov 2022

At present, both white-collar workers and game players often need to sit for a long time, and after the long time sitting, they will naturally feel back pain. More and more people will give priority to computer gaming chairs when choosing tables and chairs that matched computers, so what is the unique qualities about computer gaming chairs? It can be seen that many good computer gaming chairs have gaming chair lumbar supports, so what is the specific function of this gaming chair lumbar support?


1. Gaming chair lumbar support function one: Protect the psoas muscle from injury


First of all, what we need to know is the position of the gaming chair lumbar support. The gaming chair lumbar support is generally placed in the area of the user's back waist position when sitting. The computer gaming chair lumbar support can maintain the lumbar spine in a physiological lordosis posture, relieve the excessive stretch of the psoas muscle caused by daytime fatigue, and ensure the relaxation of the psoas muscle. According to the research of relevant experts, after the human psoas muscle is relaxed, the blood flow can also be improved, which is conducive to the gradual tissue repair of the strained psoas muscle, can enhance muscle strength and muscle tension, and it's also conducive to the next day's activities. This is also one of the most effective ways to ensure that office workers' psoas muscle wouldn't be damaged after sitting in front of their desks for a long time.


2. Gaming chair lumbar support function two: Reduce the pressure of lumbar pillow


Patients with lumbar herniation often put pillows under the waist, which can widen the intervertebral space, reduce the pressure of the intervertebral disc, eliminate the compression of the caudal equina and nerve roots, and then relieve the pain of the back and legs. The gaming chair lumbar support can not only reduce the lumbar pressure of patients with lumbar protrusion, but also can reduce the pressure on the waist of the healthy person and maintain a healthy lumbar spine if the general healthy person can put a lumbar pillow under the waist.


3. Gaming chair lumbar support function three: Make working and playing games more relaxed and comfortable


Whether it is playing games or working, after a long time sitting, we will feel our waist tired. If the chair is not comfortable, then this situation might be aggravated. In addition to being uncomfortable to sit on, it also affects the work efficiency. But if the chair has a gaming chair lumbar support, then it can reduce the stress on the waist, so that the user can sit more comfortably, and let them work and play more easily.


The above is the three major functions of the lumbar support of the gaming chair. In general, the computer gaming chair with a gaming chair lumbar support plays a very important role in protecting the lumbar spine and the user comfort, so it is recommended that when buying a computer gaming chair, it is best to choose a chair with a lumbar support, especially for sedentary people.

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