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Can the Game Table and Chair Adjust the Seat Height?

by QinHina 06 Nov 2022

1. The appearance of game table and chairs


Nowadays, many families like to buy game table and chairs when they are working or playing games, because they are comfortable to sit and look good. The game table and chairs are ergonomically designed to facilitate the user's operation and experience, since some games require users to invest a lot of energy and maintain a sitting position for a long time, the game table and chairs can ensure the comfort of users. And such a chair is also suitable for sedentary workforce. However, for players who want to start playing games and getting the gaming table and chairs, they don't know the functions, and don't know whether the game table and chairs can adjust the seat height, and how to adjust it?


2. Adjust the seat height of the game table and chairs


With the rise of the e-sports industry, there are many brands and styles of game table and chairs on the market, and the functional design of each brand and style of game table and chairs will be different, so whether there is a lifting function mainly depends on the design of the chair itself. But most of the better quality game table and chairs on the market currently have this function, because it can be better adapted to the height of each person, and it won't be said that it is not suitable for people who grow taller or change to a different height.


However, it doesn't mean that everything will be fine if we buy a lift game table and chairs, we have to learn how to adjust it. If the height is adjusted too high, then we have to play games with our heads up; If it's too low, then we have to bend down, which will make us feel uncomfortable after a long time sitting, and it may also affect our health, so how to adjust the game table and g racing gaming chairs to sit comfortably? It mainly divided into these 3 steps:


Step one: Adjust the legs first. Lower the chair to the lowest position, and then sit on the chair in a comfortable sitting position. At the same time, the legs can be bent naturally. It should be noted that the whole buttock should be completely attached to the seat surface, and the feet should be on the ground steadfastly. This angle is the appropriate chair height.


Step two: Adjust the backrest. Adjust the backrest according to the distance between the back and the backrest, the back is closely fitted with the back of the seat, so that the back vertebrae can be relaxed to a certain extent, which can effectively relieve the fatigue of the back vertebrae and prevent the chest and back pain.


Step three: Adjust the table. After the chair is adjusted, the table also needs to be adjusted accordingly. Lift the arm slightly, and the lower and upper arms form an angle of 90 degrees. After sitting down, lift the body slightly and gently pull the chair, adjust the distance between the game table and chairs, keep a fist distance between the chest and the edge of the table, and keep the eyes one foot away from the table. This is the most suitable height and distance of the table and chairs.

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