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What Do Internet Cafes Need to Pay Attention to when Buying Gaming Chairs?

by QinHina 02 Nov 2022

Many novice Internet cafe buyers and logistics staff will have a headache when setting up equipment, because there are so many types of chairs that, do not know which chair is better. What should I pay attention to when buying?


1. Internet cafes choose a gaming chair


At present, there are mainly three types of chairs used in most Internet cafes, namely Internet cafe sofa chairs, Internet cafe computer chairs and gaming chairs. Among them, the appearance of the sofa chair in the Internet cafe is relatively large, so it is very comfortable. However, because most sofa chairs have soft cushions, they may collapse after sitting for a long time, and it is not good for the lumbar spine; if the gaming chair is used, it is more functional. Many people and the appearance is relatively cool, so many people who like to play games will like it very much; Internet cafe computer chairs are relatively common, and because they have fewer functions, the comfort will be worse than the previous two. But no matter what kind of Internet cafe chair you buy, what aspects should you pay attention to when purchasing?


2. What should I pay attention to when purchasing a gaming chair?


Chair height: gaming chairs have two types: high back and low back. Low-back chairs are generally 110 cm high. It is more comfortable for a person's head to rest on the upper part of the back of the chair, and at the same time, there will be no head-end situation. However, everyone's height and body shape are different. If you consider the height of each person, it is recommended to choose a gaming chair that can be raised and lowered.


Chair depth: Generally speaking, on more formal occasions, people will sit upright and sit in a shallow position in front of the chair. But in the case of relaxation in the Internet cafe, you may sit deeper, and the whole person seems to fall into the chair. Before buying, if possible, sit and watch, and try to feel the depth of the whole body when you are seated.


Chair armrests: The height of the armrests of the gaming chair like a blue gaming chair is preferably the same as the countertop of the Internet cafe table. When sitting, the elbows and arms form 90°, because whether it is too high or too low, the shoulders will be uncomfortable. Of course, considering the cleaning of the Internet cafe, the Internet cafe chair needs to be placed under the countertop, which requires the height of the gaming chair armrest to be 2 to 3 cm lower than the countertop.


Chair back: It is best to adjust the back to lie on your back, because many players will sit and play on the computer for a long time, and some will play all night, so the body will naturally be tired. If the back can lie down, the player can lie down.


Chair colour: Generally, the colour of the gaming chair is recommended to buy darker colours such as black and brown, which are more resistant to dirt. Because the mobile population of Internet cafes is large, gaming chairs are for many people to sit on, so if you buy light-coloured chairs, you can clean them up. It will be cumbersome and look dirty, and customers will be disgusted.

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