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How Many Degrees is the Most Comfortable for Professional Esports Seats?

by QinHina 17 Nov 2022

Whether a chair comfortable to sit on has a great relationship with the angle of the seat back, the chair height, and whether the armrest's height is correctly adjusted. So how to adjust the back of the pro gaming seat, and how many degrees are the most comfortable for the human body to sit at?


1. The adjustment method of the pro gaming seat back


First of all, it's the pro gaming seat back adjustment method. However, at present, there are many brands and styles of pro gaming seats on the market, and different products have different adjustment methods, such as the adjustment handles are different, but in general, the structure won't be much different. So how to adjust pro gaming seats?


There is a handle on the right side of the pro gaming seat, which is the handle to adjust the back of the gaming seat. After we sit on the seat cushion, if we need to adjust it backward, we only need to press this handle down and don't let it go, then press our body backward to the angle we need and loose the handle; and if we want to adjust the back of the chair forward, we can also pull the handle and let it go at a suitable angle. But we must remember that whether we adjust it forward or backward, don't release our hand until adjusting it to the desired angle.


2. The back degrees' adjustment of pro gaming seats


After talking about how to adjust the back of the g racing gaming chair, we also need to know how many degrees it should be adjusted properly, because if the seat seat recline is adjusted too forward, the whole human body might lean forward, and people will sit uncomfortable; And if the angle adjustment is too far back, the human body will easily bend over and hunched over unconsciously, which may form a bad sitting posture, so the correct angle of the seat back is also very important.


Studies have shown that, in terms of the human spine, while sitting at a 135° retrograde angle, the least pressure is exerted on the intervertebral disc and the attached muscles and tendons, and the body weight is distributed more evenly throughout the vertebrae. It not only can make the body relax naturally, but also can let the pressure on the spine be reduced to the minimum, so this angle is the most comfortable degree to sit on a pro gaming seat to play games. However, in daily office, this angle is slightly larger. Generally, it is recommended adjusting it to about 100°, which is more suitable; if it's for our usual video games watching, then about 120° is more suitable; if it's for us to play mobile games, the degree about 140° is more suitable; and if it's for lunch breaks, then about 160° is appropriate.

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