Does the Computer Game Chair Rest on the Head or the Neck?

Does the Computer Game Chair Rest on the Head or the Neck? - AutoFull Official

1. Knowledge of computer gaming chairs


The computer gaming chair was originally a special seat for esports, but later, with the increasing demands for it, its functions have become more diversified in order to meet the requirements of many people. Many people think that the headrest of the computer gaming chair, as the term suggests, should be placed under the head, but is this really the right position?


2. The headrest position of the computer gaming chair


Almost all good chairs matches with headrests now, which are mainly used to support the neck and above. The basis for choosing whether a computer gaming chair has a headrest is as follows: Whether it will be used for a long time, if the continuous using time exceeds one hour, then it is recommended choosing a computer gaming chair with a headrest, so that you can also support the neck during continuous working, and relieve neck fatigue effectively.


However, if we want the headrest to play its role, it must be adjusted correctly. Many people think that the headrest is placed under the head, but in fact, it is not correct to put the head on the headrest for a long time. If we put our head on it, it will force us to bow our head, which may aggravate cervical spine problems. Therefore, the correct placement of the computer gaming chair headrest should be close to the neck, preferably near the back of the head and neck to support the cervical spine, so as to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine.


But when it comes to headrests, the headrests of computer ergonomic pc & racing game chairs are now divided into fixed type and adjustable type, and the two kinds of headrests have their own characteristics. The headrest of fixed type: Generally, it only plays a supporting role for the neck and head, without any human body effects, so its price is cheaper; The headrest of adjustable type: It is designed based on the principles of ergonomics, which can basically adjust the height and the angle of the headrest, and can be adapted to the requirements of different groups of people and individuals with different working conditions; Moreover, the headrest surface has a certain curvature, which can keep the cervical spine curve of the human body and the headrest perfectly fit; The surface material of the headrest is made of soft surface material, which not only can improve its comfort, but also can avoid neck discomfort due to excessive hardness of the headrest. However, this headrest design of the computer gaming chair would be more expensive.


To sum up, the computer gaming chair headrest that fits the neck is the best, but it should be noted that the computer gaming chair headrest has two types: fixed one and adjustable one. Generally, if we have the economic ability, it is suggested buy an adjustable one, because it's suitable for people of different ages and heights and application scenarios.

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