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Daily Tips to Prevent Computer Game Chairs from Peeling

by QinHina 13 Nov 2022

As we all know, most of the gaming chairs on the market now are made of leather, because they look more high-end and atmospheric than other chairs made of other materials, and they are not easy to deform, so they have been loved by many players. However, a lot of leather furniture often has a big disadvantage, that is, it will peel after a period of time using, and then it will become ugly, and might also affect the comfort of sitting. But it's not to say that all leather computer gaming chairs will have this situation, it mainly depends on the quality of the gaming chair we buy and the daily maintenance.


Ⅰ. Computer gaming chairs from a purchasing perspective


Leather computer gaming chairs are also divided into several types, such as the first layer of cowhide, PU leather, PVC leather and so on, and among these three kinds of leather gaming chairs, the first layer of cowhide > PU leather > PVC leather, so when players buy leather chairs, the first choice is the first layer of cowhide, but the price of this kind of material gaming chair is generally higher. The second choice is the PU leather, but it is also divided into several grades, and it is generally suggested buy the one with warranty more than 3-5 years, because this might be more durable.


Ⅱ. Computer gaming chairs from the daily maintenance perspective


In addition to the quality of the cortical material itself will affect the peeling of the computer gaming chair, whether the daily maintenance is appropriate will also affect its leather life. Usually, we only need to use a moist clean soft cloth to wipe off the floating dust. But if there are stains on the leather chair, such as soy sauce, oil, drinks, red wine, etc., then it is necessary to be cleaned in time, use a rag to wipe the stains, and then repeatedly clean the remaining stains with a clean damp cloth completely, and finally wipe off the remaining moisture with a dry soft cloth. If the stains are really stubborn and cannot be cleaned completely by water, we can use an appropriate amount of leather cleaning liquid for targeted treatments, but don't abuse chemical cleaners for cleaning to avoid damage.


Ⅲ. Precautions for computer gaming chairs


1. Remember not to expose it to the sun, don't think that the sun will only bring the benefits of sterilization and disinfection, in fact, it is also the biggest promoter of accelerating the oxidation process. If the leather chair is exposed to the sun, it will make its water evaporate and accelerate oxidation easily, and result in fading and cracking of the chair.


2. Don't put a leather seat cover on it, because after putting on the leather seat cover, it's likely to damage the luster of the leather surface because of the excessive friction with the leather surface, and if it's used for a long time, it may also wear the surface of the leather surface.


3. Wipe it with leather care regularly, this can not only prevent the computer gaming chair from peeling, but also can make it look more shiny.

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