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Can a Gaming Chair Really Protect the Lumbar Spine?

Can a Gaming Chair Really Protect the Lumbar Spine? - AutoFull Official

Players who have known about gaming chairs should know that there are many gaming chairs on the market that will protect the lumbar spine when advertising and the reason are that professional game players and enthusiasts often sit in front of the computer for a long time to play. Gaming, so they can easily lead to lumbar diseases in the long run. For this reason, many manufacturers hype this effect when they sell it, but in fact, do these gaming chairs on the market really have this effect?


1. Get to know the gaming chair


The design of the gaming chair is ergonomic, which is convenient for the user to operate and experience. Since some games require a high degree of energy input from the user and maintain a sitting position for a long time, the gaming chair can ensure the user's comfort. The function of the gaming chair is very powerful, it is no longer limited to gaming chairs, it has been widely used in people's work, study and production places. Gaming chairs are designed to have great health benefits.


2. Can a gaming chair protect the lumbar spine?


As for whether the gaming chair like a gaming chair white and blue can protect the lumbar spine, this mainly depends on its design. It must be an ergonomic chair to have the function of protecting the lumbar spine. Because the general human body sits with a 20° forward tilt, the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc is the largest, which is the posture we often maintain when playing games. Sitting like this for a long time will cause the lumbar vertebrae to sink and shorten as a whole, and the central axis of the body will move backwards, which will cause the intervertebral disc to protrude backwards. When sitting, if the body leans back slightly, such as 120°, the pressure on the lumbar spine will be relatively small. If the lumbar spine is placed with something 3 cm or 5 cm at this time, the pressure will be smaller. Therefore, when we choose a chair, we should check whether there is a lumbar pillow design on the back of the chair and whether the lumbar pillow and seat cushion design are reasonable and adjustable according to the needs of different people's heights.


In general, whether a gaming chair can protect the lumbar spine depends on the actual design of the chair. If it conforms to the overall structure of the human body, then this effect may be achieved, but if you want to protect the lumbar spine, you only want to lean on a chair. It is difficult to do, and you need to take care of it more often. For example, after sitting for an hour or two for a long time, you should stand up and do body stretching activities, and pay attention to your standing and sitting postures

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