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Are the Arms of the Game Table and the Table Top the Same Height?

by QinHina 10 Nov 2022

For sedentary people who play games or work for a long time, the comfort of tables and chairs are particularly important. In addition to the material itself affects the comfort of game table and chairs, whether they are properly adjusted can't be ignored either. Like the armrest's height, if the angle is adjusted too low, there will be nothing to support our hands, which will make us very tired and sore, and if the angle is adjusted too high, our shoulders will be shrugged, so it can't be too high or too low, then what is the right height and the most comfortable sitting position?


1. The comfortable angle of the game table and chairs


Relevant anthropological research experts have shown that the armrest's height of the game table and chairs should be closed to the vertical distance from the ischial node of the human body to the lower end of the elbow when it sags naturally, so the practice has proved that the better vertical distance from the upper surface of the armrest to the seat surface is 200 mm to 250 mm. At the same time, the front end of the armrest should be slightly higher, with the change of the slope angle of the seat surface and the backrest, the inclination of the armrest is generally 10 degrees to 20 degrees, and the difference between the horizontal left and right armrests' angles is appropriate inside 10 degrees. The advantage of this angle is that we can put our elbows on the armrests while typing, and the elbows don't need to be suspended, which can make us play games and type more easily.


2. The height adjustment of the game table and chairs


In addition, it should be noted that since the heights of each game table and gaming comfy chairs are different, in order to fit more tables of different heights, it is best to buy a gaming seat with armrests that can lift up and down. Moreover, this gaming seats with adjustable armrests are also more convenient for storage. When they are not in use, they can be directly lowered to a suitable height and pushed under the table.


However, if we want to sit comfortably, it is not enough to adjust the armrests alone. For example, the height of game table and chairs should also be adjusted appropriately. Otherwise, if the table and chairs are too high, the feet will hang in the air without a place to touch while sitting, which will affect the sitting feeling, and we can only look up to see the screen, the cervical spine will also feel uncomfortable after a long time sitting; And if the height of the table and chairs are too low, we have to bow our head or bend over to look at the screen, it can also have long-term effects on our vision. Therefore, the height of tables and chairs should also be adjusted appropriately, generally it is adjusted according to the actual height of the user.


In summary, when adjusting the armrest of the gaming chair, generally 200 mm - 250 mm is appropriate, that is, a little lower than the table height, but if we want the game table and chairs to sit comfortably, only adjust the armrest is not enough, the height of the table and chairs also need to be adjusted correctly.

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