What is the Golden Ratio for Gaming Desk and Chair Heights?

What is the Golden Ratio for Gaming Desk and Chair Heights? - AutoFull Official

We all know that the height of desks and chairs often affects our comfort, and for gamers, the height of gaming desks and chairs is also the same, and it will also affect the performance and record of the game. So what is the appropriate height for a gaming desk and chair? The following editor will talk to you, what are the best golden ratio for gaming desk and chair height?


I. The height of the gaming desk and chair should be adjusted correctly


As a gamer or player, it is the most common thing to sit and play games for a long time. It is precisely because of the need to sit for a long time that the comfort of the gaming desk and the chair becomes particularly important, and the factor that affects the comfort the most It is the height of the table and chair. If the height difference between the gaming desk and chair is too small, it will affect the extension of the player's hands and feet; and if the height difference between the gaming desk and chair is too large, then you need to stretch your body to climb the table, affecting long-term sitting. Comfort, no matter what kind of situation is not conducive to play, therefore, the gaming desk and chair height ratio must be adjusted correctly.


II. Height of gaming desk and chair


Generally speaking, the height difference between a gaming desk and chair is similar to the height ratio of an ordinary computer desk and chair and a household desk and chair. In this regard, the country also has a clear specification standard for the height of desks and chairs. According to normal human physiological calculations, under normal circumstances, the best suitable height difference between a gaming desk and chair is 280mm to 310mm (only the average value, the size difference between different places). Generally, the height of the gaming table should be 700 to 760mm, considering the active area of the legs under the table; the clear height under the table is required to be no less than 580mm. For gaming chairs, the height is generally 380 to 450mm to facilitate people's activities. Of course, these height values can only be used as a reference, because each person's height and body shape are different, and the choice should be made according to the actual situation of the individual.


Generally, to judge whether the height of the gaming desk and chair is appropriate, you can follow these 3 steps:


1. To adjust the chair, first, adjust the height of the gaming chair to the lowest level, and sit on the gaming chair normally. Both legs can step on the ground, and at the same time, the legs can bend naturally, which is the best height of the chair. And if you are tired from playing games and want to rest, you can fine-tune the chair back to a comfortable position.


2. Adjust the backrest, the back is close to the back of the chair, and the thighs and the upper body form 90°, which is the best angle for the back.


3. Adjust the table. After the chair is adjusted, the table also needs to be adjusted accordingly. The child lifts his arm slightly, and the forearm and forearm are at 90°. After sitting down, lift the body slightly and gently pull the chair, adjust the distance between the chair and the table, and keep a fist gap between the chest and the side of the table, so the height and angle of the table and chair are appropriate.

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