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How Much Length Do I Need to Buy for the Gaming Desk?

How Much Length Do I Need to Buy for the Gaming Desk? - AutoFull Official

1. Understand the gaming desk


Modern gaming desks are diverse in styles and materials and designs. Whether the size of the gaming desk is appropriate is very important for an e-sports player. Because they play games in front of the computer for so long every day and still need to maintain a good state, if the table and chairs are not the right sizes, it will not only affect their performance but also their physically exhausted. However, there are several length specifications for gaming desks, 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters, 1.6 meters, etc., so which size is more suitable to buy?


2. Size selection of gaming desk


In general, the selection of the length and size of the gaming desk should be considered in combination with multiple aspects, such as room size, computer screen size, personal size, and the number of users.


The first is to consider the size of the room because the location of the gaming desk in the room space will directly affect the selection of the gaming desk size. Because some people's room space itself is a small apartment, so buying a gaming desk that is too large may not be able to fit it, and even if it is put down, it will obstruct the place, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, it is generally recommended to measure the size of the space before buying, and then choose the appropriate gaming desk.


The second is to consider the size of the computer screen and the number of computers. Generally, if you use a basic 24-inch computer screen, you can choose a gaming desk of 1.2 meters. However, some professional players prefer to configure two 24-inch screens at the same time. At this time, it is recommended to buy a gaming desk with a width of 1.4 meters or 1.6 meters.

Furthermore, you need to take into account the user's body shape. As usual, if the height is under 170 cm, the body is relatively thin, and the player is under 120 catties, then you can choose a gaming desk of about 1.2 meters; but if the height is 180 cm. Above, or if the body is relatively strong, then it is recommended to choose a gaming desk of 1.4 meters or 1.6 meters because the space of 1.2 meters is too small for them, it is difficult to stretch their hands and feet, and it is not comfortable to sit.


In addition, the number of users is also a factor to consider when buying a gaming desk size. Because if it is a single person, the natural size is smaller, and if it is usually a couple or playing with friends, then, of course, the size must be bought in a larger size, at least 1.6 meters or more than 1.8 meters.

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