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Precautions for Buying an Internet Cafe Gaming Desk

by QinHina 24 Oct 2022

Internet cafe gaming desk, literally means the table used by Internet cafes, because Internet cafes are a service entertainment place, so all the equipment used is naturally very particular, otherwise how to attract players to consume. So as an Internet cafe owner, what aspects need to be considered when purchasing a gaming desk?


1. Matters needing attention when purchasing an internet cafe gaming desk 1: Appearance


In a consumer-oriented place, many people pay great attention to the first visual experience, so appearance is naturally very important. Therefore, when buying a gaming desk, both the color and the shape are very particular, not only the color of the computer. To match, but also to coordinate with the decoration style of the entire Internet cafe. For example, the colors of the gaming desk are black, blue, yellow, milky white, brown, etc., as well as various shelf colors. If your computer is a silver-grey shell, the visual effect of the gaming desk is good, and the shape of the gaming desk is good. And design structure is also very important, reasonable structure and size can make customers feel comfortable and save space.


2. Matters needing attention when purchasing an internet cafe gaming desk 1: Size


This is a small detail that many Internet cafe owners will ignore when buying a gaming desk, but in fact, the size of an Internet cafe gaming desk is also very important for the comfort of players, because if you buy too small, it will hinder the extension of your hands and feet; if you buy too much If it is large, it will take up unnecessary area. Generally speaking, most Internet cafe tables cover an area of 80*55cm, 160*55cm for 2 people in a single row, and 160*110cm for 2 people sitting in pairs. When designing and placing Internet cafe tables and chairs, the floor area of the chairs is mainly the depth. Generally, the depth of the chairs is recommended to be 75cm. The aisle between chairs and chairs or Internet cafe chairs and Internet cafe tables is usually more reasonable to leave 60cm.


3. Matters needing attention when purchasing an Internet cafe gaming desk 3: Is it easy to clean up


Generally speaking, the mobile population of Internet cafes is large, but it does not mean that everyone loves the gaming desk very much. It will inevitably get dirty, such as eating on it, and if it is dirty, it will affect the appearance, so it is easier to buy it. For cleanings, such as tempered glass or waterproof panel, it is best not to buy wooden ones, because it is not only difficult to clean, but also easy to mould in wet weather. Also, if there is a player who smokes, the cigarette butt will be directly black, which is very affecting Usability.


Many players go to Internet cafes because the configuration is better than at home, so the functionality is naturally stronger. For example, the most basic function of a gaming desk is the lifting function, because there are players of different ages and heights, so naturally, It needs to be raised and lowered to adapt to the height of each player.

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