Does Video Game Chair Matter?

Does Video Game Chair Matter? - AutoFull Official

1. Get to know the video game chair


The video game chair is actually an e-sports seat. From this name, we can probably know the role of the video game chair. The video game chair is for people who play games. E-sports is an activity in which electronic game competition reaches a "competitive" level. E-sports is carried out through electronic machines as sports machines, and it is an intellectual confrontation between people. The seat used to achieve the participants' thinking ability, reaction ability, and coordination of the participants' competition through e-sports is a video game chair.


2. The importance of video game chair


The current e-sports arena is becoming more and more popular, and the level of competition is becoming more and more intense. Professional hardware facilities, high-end gaming tables and chairs, exude a heartbeat everywhere. What attracts players in professional e-sports halls is decoration, and what keeps players is e-sports equipment. As the e-sports industry enters the acceleration zone, the feelings of e-sports furniture must also be reformed. Different colors of gaming chairs have become more and more popular, for example, gaming chair black and pink, gaming chair light blue, pink racing gaming chair.


The current e-sports arena is actually a transformation and upgrading of traditional Internet cafes. For players, what they value is whether they can give them the Internet speed, hardware configuration and comfort they want, so the choice of gaming furniture is absolutely not allowed. E-sports hall furniture can be roughly divided into two categories. One is the gaming platform. This area is generally used for large-scale competitions or event training, and this area should be clean, sturdy, and ergonomic video game chairs; the other is the general area, which is used by ordinary e-sports players to play games or watch live broadcasts. It should be soft, relatively comfortable, and capable of both gaming and leisure functions.


With the vigorous development of the e-sports industry, more and more professional e-sports players have joined this circle, affecting many young e-sports enthusiasts. But people only see the achievements of professional e-sports players, but do not understand the sadness and helplessness behind them.


The life of a professional esports player is very monotonous. They usually get up between 11 and 12 and start training after lunch. They start with practice and play against other teams from 2pm to 10pm. They will increase the intensity during pre-competition training. Unlike other professional players in the sports system, the occupational diseases of e-sports players are closer to desk workers, such as visual impairment, cervical spondylosis, and lumbar disc herniation. Indeed, the long-term concentration on the display screen, sedentary, and incorrect sitting posture have caused many current professional e-sports players to suffer from occupational diseases. For this, professional e-sports players should deeply understand the importance of video game chairs.

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