AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair

6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests

As the designated gaming chair for KPL 2023, the AutoFull M6 gaming chair features 4-way waist protection and mechanical folding armrests. The chair is suitable for gamers of all heights, providing strong and precise support to the lumbar spine. The thick and wide cushion, meanwhile, will keep you comfy for untold hours. 

Good Designs

Suitable for different heights, providing strong and precise support to lumber spine.

Good Experience

Super Soft and Durable Leather Gaming Chairs for Ultimate Comfort

Good Service

Free Shipping, 3-year Warranty.

4-way Adaptive Lumbar Support

Dynamic lumbar support for pro gamers. Suitable for individuals of different heights, it provides strong and precise support to the lumbar spine, promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of discomfort. Upgrade your seating experience with 4-Way Adaptive Lumbar Support for enhanced comfort.

6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests

6D armrests provide optimal support and flexibility, allowing you to game for hours without discomfort. Upgrade your gaming setup with 6D foldable mechanical armrests for enhanced comfort and multi-game compatibility. 

 Comfort & Health

Super Soft And Durable Leather


Environmental-friendly, and more durable.

RGB Lighting Effects

7 Color Options,
14 Lighting Modes.

Wider And Thicker Cushion

Wider for sitting freely, thicker for a softer and more durable sitting experience.

160° Reclining Function

Easily switch between sitting and lying down ideal for activities.

3-year Warranty

Designed for longevity: Every component of your AutoFull gaming chair undergoes rigorous testing that surpasses industry standards for durability and reliability. We dedicate considerable effort to ensure our chairs maintain optimal performance even after years of daily usage. As a testament to our confidence, we offer an extended warranty of up to 3 years, assuring you of our unwavering support.

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