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What is the Difference Between Ordinary Office Chairs and Gaming Chairs?

by QinHina 23 Jun 2022

The ordinary chairs that everyone usually sits on have a single function, and sitting for a long time is prone to problems such as buttock pain, backache, and cervical spondylosis. Many people have misunderstandings about the esports gaming chair, thinking that only professional esports players need to sit on the chair, but now with the development of technology and market demand, ordinary chairs can no longer meet the requirements of contemporary young people. The esports gaming chair is not only a chair for "e-sports", it is a practical ergonomic chair for e-sports + office functions. So what are the advantages of the esports gaming chair that people are looking for? What is the difference between an esports gaming chair and a regular chair?


1. The difference between esports gaming chair and ordinary chair structure


The structure of an ordinary chair is very simple. To put it bluntly, it is a four-legged stool. After sitting for a long time, the butt hurts, and the back is hard. To move, you need to get up and drag the chair. The harsh sound of the chair and the ground is annoying.


The derivative evolution of the esports gaming chair is to weaken these drawbacks and integrate technology into life, with friendly and considerate details everywhere. For example, the structure of the esports gaming chair is larger than that of ordinary chairs. The body lines of the chair are designed according to ergonomics to ensure that it can fit the human skeleton, and even if you sit for a long time, you will not feel tired.


2. The difference between the performance of esports gaming chair and ordinary chair


Compared with ordinary chairs, esports gaming chairs add a lot of design to human nature. For example, the most important "sitting" feeling of a chair, sitting on a brick and sitting on a sofa, are completely different things. The thick cushion used in the esports gaming chair allows you to sit like sitting on a cloud, with no burden on your butt, and naturally it will not compress your legs and cause blood flow. You could buy gaming chair online, which is very convenient and fast.


What is more worth mentioning is the flexible design of the back and armrests, which is impossible for ordinary chairs. The back of the chair can be adjusted back by 90-160 degrees, and it also has a leisure function. When you work or play for a long time, you can adjust the back of the chair to rest at any time, and the fatigue will be swept away immediately.


Different from the shelf armrests of ordinary chairs, the esports gaming chair adopts 4D armrests, which are widened and soft and skin-friendly, and 7-fold direction adjustment (up and down, left and right translation, left and right rotation, front and rear translation). The details are great, and you can adjust the comfortable angle according to the position of your hands. Then there is the part of the foot support. Sitting for a long time will cause the blood to not flow in the legs. The design of the esports gaming chair is taken for granted. It is equipped with a "bed" that can store the leg rest, pull out the leg rest, and put down the back of the chair, which is more comfortable than a five-star hotel.

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