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Using a Gaming Chair to Work from Home

by Hina Qin 06 Apr 2023

1. Buy gaming chair online: a great choice for working at home


Having comfortable work equipment at home is becoming increasingly important, and a key component of any workspace is a good ergonomic chair. Nevertheless, many beginners start with cheaper, simpler racing-style gaming chairs.


For working at home, you can choose either an office-style ergonomic chair or a racing-style chair. Many people choose to buy gaming chair online - they are cheaper, simpler, and equally beneficial for your health.


For three million years, humans have survived and evolved by moving their bodies. Hunting, gathering, and avoiding predators provided intense daily exercise. As a result, the body (and mind) evolved to be strong, agile, and lean. What did not evolve was the ability to sit for long periods of time. When standing, the healthy lumbar spine bends inward toward the abdomen at an angle of 20 to 45 degrees. Sitting can reduce the lumbar curve by half. As the lumbar curve flattens, the hip flexors shorten and the lower back tightens. This curls the spine into a "c" shape, causing the head to tilt forward and the shoulders to droop at the same time.


2. Buy gaming chair online: gaming chairs help maintain a neutral sitting position


Ergonomics research began in the 1940s for military purposes. By the 1970s, prototypes of ergonomic office workers appeared. In the past 20 years, many studies have reached the same conclusion about healthy sitting postures. For a long time, the healthiest sitting posture was maintaining a neutral position. Sitting on any type of comfortable ergonomic gaming chair can maintain a healthy lumbar curve. Then, it's not your muscles supporting the spine, but the chair that does the job. As a result, users can sit for long periods without pressure or discomfort.


Sitting on any type of chair without support will inevitably lead to lethargy. At first, keeping both feet flat on the floor provides stability. Meanwhile, the back muscles accelerate to maintain an upright trunk. When the back muscles tire, the spine curls into a lethargic state. This will tilt the hips forward, stretch the neck, and increase pressure on the entire spine. To promote a neutral posture and prevent these things from happening, buying gaming chairs online needs to pay attention to three ergonomic components: adjustable lumbar support, maintaining a healthy spine alignment. Adjustable armrests that provide support for the forearms to relieve the spine. The back is tightly attached to the backrest, and the movement while sitting stimulates blood flow and activates working muscles.

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