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Tips for Buying Gaming Chair Online

by Hina Qin 20 Feb 2023

With the rise of the domestic e-sports trend, the development prospects of related derivatives in the e-sports industry are also quite optimistic. According to online purchase data, e-sports chairs are on the list of "Top Ten New Year's Favorites for Overseas Consumers" in 2022. It can be seen that the gaming chair is moving from the arena to the homes of ordinary people, and it is also a new choice for consumers to pursue fashionable home life.

1. Reasons for buying gaming chair online

Different from traditional commercial office chairs, gaming chairs are more flexible in design. Most gaming chairs are cool in shape, rich in color matching, and the appearance design pursues the smoothness of lines. In terms of comfort, it is also much higher than commercial office chairs. The design of the gaming chair conforms to ergonomics, which is convenient for users to operate and experience. Many office workers, professional game players and game enthusiasts need to maintain a sitting posture and a high degree of concentration for a long time, and the gaming chair can ensure the comfort of users. There are various styles of gaming chairs on the market, and many people are in a state of "confusion" when choosing a gaming chair. So, how to choose a comfortable and easy-to-use gaming chair when buying gaming chair online?

2. Understand the skills of buying gaming chair online

1. Look at the skeleton: the skeleton of a chair is equivalent to the skeleton of our human body and is the support of our body. For a chair, the strength and toughness of its skeleton is crucial. Good gaming chairs generally use a one-piece steel frame, which can increase the load-bearing capacity of the chair and prevent deformation after sitting for a long time.

2. Look at the filling: buy gaming chair online needs to look at the filling of the gaming chair. A good gaming chair should use high-density sponge with high resilience, so that it can reasonably share the weight of the body and make the body more comfortable. The chair It is also not easy to deform, and the service life is greatly increased.

3. Look at the air pressure rod: the air pressure rod can be said to be the core component of the gaming chair. If the quality is not good enough, it may cause personal health problems. In order to better ensure the safety of players, Autofull gaming chairs all use SGS-certified four-level air pressure rods, which are smooth in lifting and safe in bearing.

4. Look at the brand: No matter what product you buy, it is still very important to choose a trustworthy brand when buying gaming chair online. AutoFull e-sports chair, dedicated e-sports chair for professional teams. The League of Legends Professional League LPL2016 officially designated e-sports chair, the world e-sports competition WCA2016 officially designated e-sports chair.


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