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The Buying Guides of Esports Chair and the Difference Between Ordinary Tables and Chairs

by QinHina 16 Jul 2022

Ⅰ. The difference between esports chair and ordinary table and chair


When we see a chair, the first thing we notice is its backrest and seat cushion. One of the biggest differences between esports chairs and ordinary chairs is that esports chairs generally use ergonomically designed high backrests. Such a backrest can naturally combine the back contour of the body with the chair, distribute the weight of the cervical spine and the thighs to the backrest and the seat cushion, and at the same time give the body a good support and protection, and relieve the pressure of the body after sitting for a long time.


Regarding the material, the surface leather of the back and the seat cushion is made of PU leather, which is soft to the touch. However, there is also a problem, that is, after encountering water, such as beverages, sweat, water, etc., it will penetrate into the material and form hydrolysis, which will cause the PU skin to crack easily and make the service life shorter. But now there are also some brand manufacturers have come up with countermeasures. Want to buy gaming chair online? AutoFull would be a great choice!


Ⅱ. Buying tips of esports chair


1. Observe the cushion. General esports chairs like a pink and black gaming chair are sponge cushions. The cost of a good seat cushion is higher, so some businesses have made great efforts to reduce the cost of the seat cushion, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. A good seat cushion is generally thicker and has a sunken arc curve to fit the person's buttocks. In addition, a good seat cushion has better elasticity. If the seat cushion is thin, it will be uncomfortable to sit on. If the seat cushion is thick but not elastic, the merchant may have used a poor material.

2. Sitting. If the design is reasonable, the esports chair is generally more comfortable to sit, and the seat cushion part has good acceptance and tolerance, and will not feel uncomfortable.

3. The backrest should be reliable. The backrest of some chairs is relatively loose, which makes noise when leaning back, and such chairs are easily damaged.

4. Try shaking left and right. If the overall structure of the chair is unstable, it is easy to be damaged.

5. Handrails. Try to put your hand on the armrest to see if the height is comfortable.

6. Air rod, if you buy a swivel chair, try to lift the swivel chair and feel whether the lifting process is smooth. If it does not feel smooth, the quality of the air rod is not good.

7. Reclining function. Some esports chairs have a reclining function, try to turn on the reclining function and feel if you can "reclining" with confidence.

8. Turn the chair over and watch its hidden structure. If you find that the parts are rough or even rusted, it is an inferior product.

9. If you buy a swivel chair, check whether the wheels move smoothly, if not, it is an inferior product.

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