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Are Gaming Chairs in Gaming Hotels Cost-effective?

by QinHina 12 Oct 2022

An E-sports hotel is a new type of hotel relying on e-sports games. Because of the rise of the e-sports industry in recent years, many e-sports hotels have emerged. However, because this is an emerging industry, many e-sports hotel staff do not know about it. Where to buy a gaming chair? Generally speaking, most e-sports hotels use matching e-sports tables and chairs, because, in this way, the atmosphere will be more enhanced and more atmospheric.


1. Warranty of gaming chair


In fact, many people buy large pieces of furniture, and after-sales is one of the key factors. Because usually the products with poor quality guarantee are of quality, but the quality guarantee period will be relatively short, and if there are quality problems in the process of use, it will be more troublesome. Especially for e-sports hotels that buy gaming chairs in large quantities, if there is a quality problem, they have to deal with them in large quantities, and if there are quality problems during the customer's use, it will have a reputational impact on the e-sports hotel. But buying a gaming chair from our manufacturer does not need to worry about this aspect at all, because the reason why it has such a long warranty period is that the quality is reliable, and even if there are any quality problems after purchasing, any quality problems during the period can be Home maintenance, no worries.


2. Gaming chair is very comfortable


The gaming chairs like racing gaming chairs are all ergonomically designed, and many small details are added to improve the experience while ensuring basic comfort. For example, the part of the armrest is a 4D multi-functional style, which can be adjusted forward, backward, left, right or even rotated to support the arm comfortably. The inner seat cushion is made of one-piece moulded cotton, and the rebound is continuous and powerful. Of course, it can also retract the pedals and perform multi-angle back tilts, which can be adjusted from 100° to 160° and can be locked freely, allowing our players to take a break after the game is tired.


3. Gaming chair is suitable for people of different heights and shapes


Because of the particularity of the users of e-sports hotels, there are basically people of all ages, tall, short, fat and thin. Like the same chair, different people use it, so the appropriate height and width are naturally different. Therefore, gaming chairs take this factor into full consideration, and each chair is designed with a lifting function to meet people of different heights; in several chairs, widened and enlarged flanks have been added, and a 300-pound strong man can sit down.

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