AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair

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Ich liebe es!

Sehr bequem und einfach aufzubauen.
Bin sehr begeistert von diesem Stuhl 😍

Autofull pink gaming bunny chair

Great! It squeaks slightly once built but overall very happy with this awesome looking chair! It is also comfortable, it arrived with a couple of dirt scrapes on the arm but it really is a cool looking bunny chair. It also came with the pink mat which was a nice surprise.

Stella R.
Comfy and cute, could use better armrests

Gave this a few weeks to really give it a trial before reviewing. Overall, I love it, it's very comfy, and I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a solid chair with some personality.

My biggest complaint is that the armrests are a hard plastic and that the soft cover isn't really enough. I really wish there was some give in them because it can dig into my elbows. Fine if you're ALWAYS reaching forward and resting your forearms on them, but you'll quickly realize how much you may lean on your elbows with it.

Packaged well. FedEx delivered the box a little banged up and a small part of the base ended being scratched, but the delivery person had to drag it up the stairs so it's not a complaint just a statement. Shipping was really fast, which is a nice bonus.

The lumbar support feels great, the seat of the chair is very comfy, and the adjustable recline is very nice. It's a good chair for the price, easy to put together, and it adds a lot of personality to my room. The rug didn't really allow the chair to slide well, but it's cute. I also have my desk in a weird spot so it can't lay the rug fully flat. My carpet also might be too thick for it to get proper traction. Ultimately that doesn't matter much to me.

Overall 5 stars because while the arms could be better, but it's overall comfortable enough that it's a small thing. I just throw my blanket over the rests when I'm not gaming for extra cushioning. Again, recommend it as a chair. The personality of it is very fun and it's a really good pink.

I love it!

Really good gaming chair, arrived within a week and was easy to assemble. Will purchase more in the future :)


I absolutely adore this chair, although you are definitely paying for the gimic compared to their power chairs, it is absolutely perfect and everything I wanted. It's comfortable, cute, and has me gaming 100% better lol. It arrived within a week and took less than an hour to assemble. So happy

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