LAST REVISION DATE: 2019-08-23 02:09:03

"The solution to this class action is a victory for women in the gaming chair," a Riot Walkout representative said today. "We believe that the political changes agreed by Riot will continue to progress on the path of equality that we achieved last year."

An explosive investigation conducted by Kotaku revealed widespread discrimination and harassment in Riot Games. According to the report, a class action lawsuit was filed against the developer, alleging discrimination based on sex and violation of the California Equal Payment Act.

"While this agreement helps reassure women in Riot, we recognize that discrimination and harassment go beyond gender and we recognize victims who do not participate in the process."

The lawsuit alleged that "as with many Riot Games employees, applicants were denied equal pay and their careers were hampered because they are women."

"In addition, the plaintiffs also have a negative impact on their working conditions due to sexual harassment, persistent misconceptions and prejudices that dominate the sexually hostile work environment of Riot Games."

In a recent blog, Riot Games confirmed the agreement, but said that sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and reprisals "are not systemic problems for Riot."

Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but the Riot Walkout group, which organized a massive employee strike last May to protest Riot's mandatory arbitration clause, said: "This comparison is an important milestone on the road to the industry. of video games make a varied and welcoming place, "but the fight is not over.

"Making Riot, and the entire sector, more inclusive is an ongoing process, and we hope to take this big step in the right direction."