LAST REVISION DATE: 2019-08-22 01:59:23

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotto producer Ryosuke Hara met with IGN Gamescom Live's Max Scoville and introduced the gameplay of Cell Saga, which features an epic battle between Gohan and Cell.

Hara-san also confirmed that Trunks and his sword in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotto will be a playable character that joins with other characters such as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo.

Regarding the driving instructions, Hara-san explained how the events of Goku's Ordeal, episode 125 of DBZ, will be incorporated into this new game. Players will experience an "original arrangement" of driving lessons / tests that Goku and Piccolo had to complete, and Goku could drive a car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotto.

We also see a scene where Goku and Gohan eat, and although it is not a mini-gaming chair, the food boost will be an aspect of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot and various effects such as healing, benefits and effects. It will provide capabilities and benefits. updates

Although Goku, at least during Cell Saga events, cannot travel fast with his instant transmission, he can fly to explore the world and travel aboard the Flying Nimbus / Kinto'un.

Hara-san wasn't ready to say if Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot would happen to Cell Saga or how long the game would last, but we know that fans can play this long-awaited game. Play the titles on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2020.

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