Partisans channels the spirit of Commandos
LAST REVISION DATE: 2019-08-09 01:37:46

If you are the same age as me, you may remember that you have read the content of all PC magazine cover magazines many times, especially because you cannot afford to buy new autofull gaming chair. And the PC demo, of which I accumulated the most miles, went to Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty.

This one-step demonstration was brutally difficult and therefore huge. His team of four men had the task of infiltrating and destroying a National Socialist fortress, mainly by slipping away from the soldiers and stabbing them, and then carefully hiding in a bush.

Progress has been meticulously slow, but extremely exciting. While his team was moving from one blanket to another, he could cut the tension with a knife (pun). It was wonderful. It took me four days to complete this level of demonstration and it was one of the best moments of my life in PC games.

At first glance, supporters seem to be cut into a fabric very similar to the command style. The main difference is that the game is not played in France or Germany, but on the rare eastern front (at least playful). "Almost all Russian families lost someone during World War II," says Anton Martyshenko, project manager. "This side of the story is not very well known in the West and we would like to tell the story of people fighting in terrible circumstances against the front against the enemy forces."

In the back
Supporters see them assemble an army of resistance to thwart the German advance in Russia from behind. Each fighter you recruit has different strengths and abilities. In addition to the main campaign, the game features optional side missions to collect equipment and show some of the soldiers' background.

For example, some characters are much better for actions than stealth, and each character has an update tree that can help you improve certain attributes.

Then there is the role of the civilian population. For example, you may find that a non-combatant is harassed by German soldiers. You must decide if you want to break the cover to help them or if you are hiding to reach your destination.

The amount of things in the game is confusing and exciting. There are many ways to address each objective, juggle with limited inventories and find optimal solutions.

OK, yes, again they are basically commands, but more beautiful, more complex and more focused on civilians and common soldiers. In addition, 13 years have passed since the last Commandos game. So this is a stupid moment when we had a new gaming chair.