A GTA Online casino glitch lets players win chips fast on the horse races
LAST REVISION DATE: 2019-08-08 00:48:07

Although it seems that this has already been corrected in the console, there is currently a problem in GTA Online for PC that will allow you to fill your pockets quickly and easily with casino chips. The division allows players to obtain the maximum gain in an Inside Track race, risking only a few hundred chips.

As it is a feat, I will not explain how to do it, but you can find it fast enough if you search the Internet. No robot or script is needed. It's about using the mouse in a certain way to place a bet.

Be careful: We don't know if Rockstar will punish players for using this feat or how they will do it, but you could risk blocking your account or losing all those chips if it gets ruined. And it's probably not worth it honestly to earn a lot of bad money in a casino, although I did it myself today because I'm a dirty scoundrel.

The feat only works with the betting option for a single event, not for the main event race (multiplayer). Basically, you start the race with only 200 chips, but during the race, your bet continues to increase, even if you can't see how it develops. If you lose, you lose only 200 that you have defined before the start of the race. If you win, you win whatever the maximum profit. I tried this morning and it still works.

The smart part is that you don't put your account in danger when using this exploit. But if you use it, it is advisable to bet on the first horse that always has the best odds. The gain will not be huge if the odds are correct or 3/1, but you will not win more frequently. With balanced odds, you will receive 20,000 chips for each victory and only 200 if your horse does not finish first.

You can also do what I do by betting on horse # 6, which usually has a score between 20/1 and 30/1. He will not win often and lose 200 per race, but if the horse wins sixth place, the victory is huge. I just won 270,000 on a horse 26/1. It's a great salary for an ugly cheater like me.

I'll let you know if Rockstar somehow takes away my poor earnings. Continue for the moment at your own risk.