LAST REVISION DATE: 2019-08-07 00:37:03

2K has confirmed that WWE Visual Concepts 2K20 will be the only developer of WWE wrestling gaming chairs. Visual Concepts was the co-developer of the WWE 2K series, starting with WWE 2K14.

2K made the following statement to IGN:
"WWE 2K20 is developed by Visual Concepts, who worked with Yuke on the development of the series since WWE 2K14. As we continue to invest in the WWE 2K franchise, the Visual Concepts team showed passion, incredible talent and commitment to the series' future. We thank Yuke's for its many years of partnership and we hope to see what the Visual Concepts team is contributing to the development of the franchise. "

Yukes' first WWE development for THQ began with WWF SmackDown! Take-Two acquired the WWE video gaming chair license from THQ in 2013 and Yukes' first WWE game for WWE for 2K was WWE 2K14.
Earlier this year, Video Game Chronicle announced that Yuke had established a new internal development team to work in an intellectual property fight competition. It is not clear if this IP address influenced the 2K decision to break the titles of the WWE Yuke League.

Last year, WWE 2K19 was the last WWE gaming chair developed by Yuke. IGN said it was a "recovery in the right direction", but there were still some problems in the last games of the series. We'll see where the WWE 2K series goes when Visual Concepts is the only developer that starts with WWE 2K20.